Handy Security Tips While Staying In A Motel

Did you just book in to a dingy little motel? Are you fearing you own safety? Well, here are some signs and things that you can do. You should always book into a motel that you feel and know is safe. Don’t ever take into consideration only the money aspect of it. You should always look into its security and safety as well!

Read below for some tips.


You should always only book a motel that is located in populated area like in a city’s town. Where there is always life. Before booking the motel you should take look at the vicinity of the motel. If you find many people merely hanging around the motel and looking thuggish then you should avoid such a motel. It will most probably be unsafe. You should always only book motels in the town centers and make sure that they are in a residential area.


You can also look for the government certification that it is an approved tourist staying motel. Unless they have the certification they cannot have foreigners stay there. And unless the motel is in good condition, has excellent hygienic practices in place and has a good security system in place, they will not be given the certification. The same rules that apply for a hotel in Causeway Bay applies to the motel as well. As governments are very particular of their treatment towards foreigners.

Other tenants

You should also request for a tour of the motel. You should always take a good look at the other tenants staying in the motel. Unless they look good and you feel are a good crowd in general you shouldn’t settle at the motel. You can also take a look at the room you will be getting. That way you will be able to decide for yourself if the room is good. Make sure to take a good look at the locks on the door as well. If you feel the motel isn’t the place for you, you can look for the nearest affordable hotel in Hong Kong. It might be just a few dollars more per night!

Tips and ideas

Some tips that you should keep in mind when booking into a motel is you can use a rubber door stopper for your door from the inside. As chain locks aren’t very effective. The rubber stopper will not allow the person to push the door from the outside. Also make sure to never keep the valuables in the room and leave it even for a second. Always carry your valuable items around with you. As most of the time in dingy motels the cleaning staff wait to barge into the room to see what they can steal as soon as you go out. So make sure to always carry your valuables with you. As once something is lost there is very little to no chance at all in recovering the valuables back to you.